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FormTight Inc. Launches Redesigned Website

Specializing in plastic thermoforming solutions, Colorado-based manufacturer FormTight Inc. announced today they have launched a new redesigned web...

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"I would like to take this opportunity to provide my thanks for your company`s great service over the years. We feel fortunate to be working wi...
- Inventor Steven R. Knight
Portland, CT

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Packaging Design PrototypesWhen forming prototypes, we use wooden molds to form the plastic part and then fabricate by laying the part out by hand. Finishing methods such as cutting, drilling and sanding follow to complete the thermoformed part. This prototyping process works well to get an idea proven and comes with a relatively low cost. The wooden mold typically sustains quantities of tens or even hundreds of parts depending on geometry and the type of plastic used. When part tolerances are critical we can have the mold produced from ren board, a machinable stable syntactic foam material. Ren board machines and finishes faster than aluminum and is the process of choice for any high tolerance prototype. Ren board molds are usually good for up to 50 parts and are more expensive to produce than wooden molds.

Get a packaging design prototype made from wooden molds because they are inexpensive and can sustain hundreds of parts. Or use prototypes made from ren shape modeling boards for a faster process and when part tolerances are essential.

FormTight is here to help with all your plastic prototyping needs. Contact FormTight today and we will work with you to create an ideal prototype to suit your application. In most cases, we can help you go from prototype to production in just a few weeks.

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