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FormTight Inc. Launches Redesigned Website

Specializing in plastic thermoforming solutions, Colorado-based manufacturer FormTight Inc. announced today they have launched a new redesigned web...

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"After another thermoforming supplier proved unable to produce a useable part, FormTight went the extra mile to expedite material and productio...
- Stephen Grupinski, President
Arm Automation - Austin, TX

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Custom Packaging Design

Custom Packaging Design & Manufacturing Services

Your success from our creativity.

Design work begins with your specifications regarding fit, function, price point and stylistic preferences. We then use our imagination and experience to design a custom clamshell or blister package that will set your product apart from your competition.

Our designers have years` of experience wrapping thermoformed plastic around everything from spinal catheters to screwdrivers to tomatoes. We are confident we can find an excellent packaging presentation for your product.

FormTight`s designers use the SolidWorks Office Suite as a primary design tool. We have the capability to transmit and receive files in a multitude of formats to ensure easy communication with both you, our customer, and our tool-making partners.

Through the use of the Solidworks Office Suite, we have the ability to provide you with a 3-dimensional interactive model of your custom thermoformed package. This allows anyone with a computer to view, zoom, spin, and animate your thermoformed packaging. This is an excellent way to collaborate with others and ensure proper design elements before we approach the prototyping phase.

Additionally, we have recently added a 3-axis vertical milling machine and the MasterCam X4 software package to our design studio. This allows us to respond to your design needs even faster than before. MasterCam is the premier CAD/CAM software available. Bolstered by it`s harmonious relationship with SolidWorks, we are able to give you a thermoformed package that matches your expectations.

Example of FormTight's custom packaging work to create an allergy tray.

You can see the full specifications for the custom allergy tray here.

Ready to see your own custom packaging come to life? Fill out our RFQ form which also has an option to upload a design file, and we will get back to you soon! Or give us a call at 303-922-5563 for more information on our custom packaging services.

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