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"After another thermoforming supplier proved unable to produce a useable part, FormTight went the extra mile to expedite material and productio...
- Stephen Grupinski, President
Arm Automation - Austin, TX

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Protective Packaging & Trays


Thermoformed Protective Packaging & Transport Trays

FormTight produces many different types of custom plastic thermoformed protective packaging trays which are used during the manufacturing process to transport product from one process to the next, or from one facility to another. Plastic protective trays can be produced from a variety of materials, including but not limited to High Impact Polystyrene Sheeting, ABS Plastics, Polyethylene (PET), PVC, ESD PVC, RPET, and PETG. Tray thickness is dependant upon durability requirements. FormTight has produced plastic protective trays as thin as .015" and as thick as .500".

Thermoformed Packaging Tray Capabilities

Many of the thin gauge plastic protective trays (.015" thick to .090" thick) we produce have the ability to be nested when empty; therefore, saving warehouse space. When the trays are rotated 180 degrees, stacking lugs can be used to support the product`s weight once the protective tray has been loaded. Designing the tray with stacking lugs and the 180 degree rotation enables the tray to bear the weight from trays and product above, keeping the product in their cavities. The height  of the stacking lug is normally 1/16" to 1/8" higher than the product in the tray below so that the tray below the product is just under the cavity of the tray on top. When stacked, the tray on top overlaps the tray on the bottom, creating a "skirt", which prevents the top tray from being easily knocked off. This “skirt” is normally 3/8" to 1/2" high, but can be customized to fit your particular production needs.

Many FormTight customers use our plastic protective trays in conjunction with robots that pick and place product in the next operation. When the trays are filled, stacked and boxed they provide excellent protection while keeping the product organized for ease of use at the next operation.  

FormTight has made many thick gauge protective dunnage trays that easily transport heavy industrial parts. These trays are often produced from ABS plastic or Polyethylene (PET) material. Heavy gauge thickness is normally no less than .125" and can be as thick as .500". These thick gauge protective trays can be as large as 60" x 84" and up to 30" high. Cradling features are usually found in this type of tray. We can also add features such as straps, hold down blocks, foam inserts, etc. to help secure your product for safe transport.

Fast Turnaround Times for Plastic Thermoformed Trays

FormTight can take you from concept to production in four to six weeks. Prototypes for thermoformed traysnormally take about 10 days from the time we identify your need. Once your approval has been given, we require four weeks for tooling before we can begin production.

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