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What is plastic thermoforming used for?

Plastic thermoforming can be used to produce customized clamshell packaging, packaging trays, blister packaging, and more for a variety of industries including Food, Medical, Retail, and Industrial.

What are typical applications for plastic thermoforming?

Plastic thermoforming applications include mushroom tills for the food industry, surgical trays and disposable packaging materials for the medical and dental industries, plastic point of purchase (POP) retail displays, and OEM parts as well as commercial cleaning equipment and more.

Where is FormTight located? 

Denver, CO

Is FormTight a food-safe packaging facility? 

Yes, we participate in audits by Merieux Nutrisciences, a global leader in food safety and quality compliance, to ensure that our products conform with regulations & food-safe packaging requirements.

Where is the tooling produced? 

We form and cut thermoformed packaging in-house within our tooling department.

What is the minimum order? 

We do not have minimums.  The only time minimums will be in place is if the requested material for a given project calls for it.

What is the thinnest and thickest material you can work with? 

We work with material ranging from .010” - .500” thick.

What CAD files do you prefer?

.IGES or Parasolid

What is the difference between a clamshell and a blister? 

Clamshells will have two identical plastic "shells" that fit around the product and one side will have a hinge that allows these two shells to come together and close. Meanwhile, Blisters will not have a hinge and are typically sealed to a backing card like pills in the pharmaceutical industry or batteries. Despite having different physical attributes, both types of packaging are commonly used.

What is needed to start the custom packaging process? 

Any dimensional information and/or drawing will help speed the design process. We can also start from scratch and do the packaging design work that fits your needs.


  • We are a small manufacturing business in Denver Colorado that has several custom packaging needs for the product we sell. FormTight was able to look at our current packaging and reengineer our packaging to not only reduce our packaging cost but improve our product's appearance on our customer's shelf which has resulted in more sales. We have also found that because of their state of the art tooling fabrication capability, our tooling costs are less, turnaround time is quicker and we have more options on what we can do with the design of our packaging. Want to thank everyone at FormTight as they are our go to vendor.

    Keith Papulski, General Manager Taylor Tools - Denver, CO
  • We needed a custom product in a very short period of time and of course we needed it over the Holidays and under a very tight timeframe! Form Tight came through when no one else could. Customer service was excellent! Doug Ramsey came down in person to make sure we were all on the same page, met with a secondary company to make sure all the components would work together and then followed through all the way to the delivery. The final delivered product was on time and the quality is what was promised, 100%. I would recommend Form Tight to anyone who needed their services.

    Rachel McGee Camerons Products, LLC - Colorado Springs, CO
  • After another thermoforming supplier proved unable to produce a useable part, FormTight went the extra mile to expedite material and production to meet an aggressive schedule. Our first meeting was very productive since FormTight included their thermoforming process experts and a representative from their preferred tooling foundry. Their selection of a different manufacturing technique (male instead of a female tool) was key to the success of the project.

    Stephen Grupinski, President Arm Automation - Austin, TX
  • I would like to take this opportunity to provide my thanks for your company's great service over the years. We feel fortunate to be working with FormTight because you have solved all of the problems which we had experienced with our prior plastic component vendor. Your superior quality and service have improved our products and allowed us to better serve our customers.

    Inventor Steven R. Knight Portland, CT
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