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"After another thermoforming supplier proved unable to produce a useable part, FormTight went the extra mile to expedite material and productio...
- Stephen Grupinski, President
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Blister Packaging


blister packaging made from PVC

What is Blister Packaging?

FormTight produces blister packaging for many industries. Blister packaging is a thermoformed container that is normally produced from clear PVC and can be thickness from .010” up to .030”. Blister packaging is formed when a clear blister is heat sealed to a card with the product located just under the clear PVC blister.

Blister Packaging Cost Comparison

Blister packaging is an economical packaging option that can be custom designed to fit your product like a glove, leaving very little room for movement, thus providing protection during transit. In some cases, to reduce blister packaging costs, customers choose to have generic rectangle shaped blisters, either allowing them to use one package type and size for multiple products or the placement of multiple products in one blister package.

FormTight does not produce blister cards but can refer you to several quality suppliers. FormTight’s blister packages are designed to work with any manufacture’s cards.

Blister Packaging Machining

FormTight can custom design your blister packaging and take from concept to production in approximately four to six weeks. Prototypes normally take about 10 days from the point at which we identify your need. Once approval has been given, we require four weeks for tooling and the arrival of raw materials before we can begin production.

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