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Form Tight – Specialists in Custom Produced Plastics

Form Tight Specialists in Custom Produced Plastics

Centrally located in Denver, Colorado; Form Tight is a custom plastic thermo-former which has since 1992, provided a dedicated and specialized service to various industries, by the producing of thick and thin gauge plastics, at the best possible price! Their customers range from those needing thermo-formed OEM parts to the food related industries, which require clamshell packaging.

The quality of Form Tight products is matched by their extraordinary customer-supported and friendly service. An example of this is how this highly efficient company specializing in thermo-formed treys, will in most cases, help their customer’s progress from a prototype stage to production capacity in only a few weeks! They have personnel who are motivated and pride themselves on achieving production targets and designs that change the norm of this industry. Their proven ability to provide consistent high quality thermo-treys has been regularly established.

Form Tight applies a foundation of knowledge, experience, and expertise in the various aspects and factors regarding thermo-form, with the operational flexibility they possess, developed from their sense of purpose towards customers. It has also helped those that utilize the specialized thermo-forming technology provided by Form Tight; to achieve their own particular business objectives! This innovative organization in various instances, has had their ingenuity called upon to provide a thin gauge, thermo-formed solution for a particular and challenging, specialized product.

Specialized expertise and customer awareness

As well as incorporating stripper plates that support the ejecting of parts without causing damage, Form Tight also, add pneumatically activated plug assists, to gain thickness in poor ratio scenarios and die cut “close tolerance” parts if needed. The fabrication of thin gauge parts following this action is performed with a match metal punch, or band-saw.

The reliable production capacity and cost effectiveness for their customers, is a foremost consideration of this company and has significantly contributed to the recognition for quality and service it has gained over the years. This customer-dedicated attitude enabled Form Tight to duplicate their thin-gauge concepts to thick-gauge production. The result was that customers are now better able to maintain a high thick parts volume, with inproved cost effectiveness.

The thin-gauge division of Form Tight boasts multiple high-speed-in-line thermo-formers. They provide a steel rule die cut and are also have the capacity for match-metal die cutting. A variety of materials are processed by Form Tight, including Polythene (PE) High Impact Polystyrene Sheeting (HIPS), Polythene Terephthalates (PET), PVC, ABS Plastic, PVC, PP, PC and various anti-static materials.

FDA grade substances and those of a thickness from .0075” to .090” are processed by this versatile company and may be clear, white, black, natural or custom color-matched. The balance and flexibility of the Form Tight operation is shown by the thick gauge division having the benefit of rotary and large, single stationed equipment. The large stations are mainly concerned with prototyping and the smaller production runs. This leaves the rotary machines available for the medium to large jobs. A point of interest is that Form Tight has the ability to form maximum sized sheets of 60” x 90” x 30”.

Form Tight provides a designed and supported service to its customers that is supported by specialised, organizational expertise and motivated by the experienced capabilities of all its personnel.